Surveillance Camera Systems

Palladite offers affordable camera system installations that have a multitude of capabilities such as remote viewing, mobile alerts, motion tracking, event monitoring, and much more.  

Below you'll find some information about a few of the key features in the systems we install. Please feel free to ask us any more questions or schedule an assessment by calling, E-mailing, or scheduling via Facebook, found at the bottom of any page as well as the Contact Us page.

NDAA Compliant Video Surveilliance System options are available!


PTZ Cameras allow for instant, remote adjusting of the cameras view. You can pan the camera to get a view of everything around, and tilt the camera up and down to see things close up, far away, and below. This is important for open areas or areas with many important views.

Mobile Alerts

NVR networking allows for instant mobile alerts that are customized for each camera. This also allows for playback on your mobile device at any time. The software highlights noteable events.

Weather Resistant

Each model of camera has its own water/dust ingress rating. Cameras with IP67 ratings mean no ingress of dust and are protected from temporary immersion of water. (6" of immersion under 30 minutes) The first number notates the dust resistance, while the second notates water.


Analytics allow each device to be customized and change their behavior per their intended use. A camera near a pool would want to focus on entry gates and the pool to make sure no one falls in. A camera near a busy road would want to ignore passing cars and focus on more immediate objects. Devices using analytics are heavily customizeable.

Local Storage

Local storage means that you won't be paying subscription fees on cameras that we install! Recorded video is kept securely inside your home. While saving footage on the cloud is still available and optional, local storage through an NVR holds much more data than cloud based storage.

Smart detection

Smart detection AI focuses on shapes and mass to allow certain object recognition. This means that you will get less false mobile alerts from objects that aren't of importance. This function can be customized to focus on people, pets, and cars, or any combination of the three. Ex: You can customize it to get mobile alerts for people, but none for cars and animals.


Motion activated floodlights provide additional notice that an intruder/trespasser has been spotted by the camera. This function may be scheduled to happen only during specified hours, or 24/7 in critical areas of protection. Floodlights also provide visibility at night time.

Two-Way Audio

Two-Way audio allows for remote communication. You may also enable this function to sound a siren during specified hours, or in critical locations. 

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